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How to Create a Routine That Fits Your Circadian Rhythm

Traditional productivity tells us to bulldoze through our day from the moment we wake up until we’re back in bed at night. But believe it or not — humans are not robots with endless amounts of energy. (Shocking, I know!) We all have a circadian rhythm, a daily cycle with natural ebbs and flows of energy throughout the day. Have you every noticed that you’re more productive during certain times of the day? That’s your circadian rhythm at work!

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100 Suggested Habits to Track in Your Habit Calendar

We get a lot of questions about what to track in your Habit Calendar. So we compiled this list of 100 (!) habits that you can track daily, weekly, or monthly. They are broken down into categories so that you can pull from these ideas based on your priorities. Not sure where to begin? We also have a free downloadable Brainstorm Guide so you can figure out what habits would be most helpful to you!

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Put Your Phone Away, Honey: 4 Phone Wallpapers to Help You Focus

Your attention is your most valuable asset. We've got 4 free, adorable phone wallpapers to help you refocus and check yourself whenever you pick up your phone.

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