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4 Ways to Connect with Friends and Family During Quarantine

We’re all getting used to new routines and new ways of life right now. One of the many new normals is video chats with friends and family instead of in-person chats. We’re sharing some tips for keeping them fun and consistent.

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How To Consume the News Without Losing It

While it’s important that we all stay informed with what’s happening in the world, there comes a point where consuming more news stops being helpful and just becomes a point of stress and distraction. Here are some ways that I’ve balanced staying informed in a way that feels healthy to me.

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How To Optimize Your Home Workspace for Productivity and Peacefulness

So you’re a creative professional who’s suddenly in full-time work-from-home mode. You need a workspace that allows you to stay focused, stay happy, and make great work. Here are a few simple things to remember while you WFH.

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6 Ways to Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Routine

Finding practical self-care methods makes it easy to incorporate a little “you time” into your everyday routines.

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Put Your Phone Away, Honey: 4 Phone Wallpapers to Help You Focus

Your attention is your most valuable asset. We've got 4 free, adorable phone wallpapers to help you refocus and check yourself whenever you pick up your phone.

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New Progress Tracker: Track Daily Progress Towards Your Big Goals

Our new Progress Tracker poster is the most effective way to visibly track your progress toward goals and projects. It's an incredible tool to help you reach your goals, one day at a time.

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How to Create a Personalized Self-Care Master Plan to Keep Yourself Grounded

What if you had a personalized set of operating instructions to keep yourself grounded and resilient through life’s ups and downs? We're sharing some of the prompts and free printable pages from our Self-Care Master Plan to help you get started.

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Journal prompt: Are your goals your own?

[Hi! This post is part of our new series of journal prompts. Sign up for our newsletter to get these delivered to your inbox every month.]

New Year's journal prompts are usually about identifying what you want. But what if we flipped that around for a sec?

What if you took a half hour to write about the goals your parents, friends, or partner have for you?

Who do they think you are?

Maybe your parents always wanted you to become a doctor.

...Or take over the family business.

...Or still see you as the baby, since you’re the youngest of your siblings.

Maybe your friends have labeled you as the homebody.

...Or your partner has determined that you’re not good with money.

What you find may have nothing or everything to do with your own goals, how you see yourself, or the person you want to become.

The goal here is to become aware of the expectations and limiting beliefs that other people have of you, so that you can recognize them and realize that you don’t have to accept them as your own.

Depending on your relationships, you might consider bringing these up in conversation. You could try something like:

“I’m making an effort to get my finances in order. It would mean a lot to me if you stopped saying I’m bad with money.”

But the first step is getting these ideas down on paper.

Where do you see a disconnect from what other people want for you versus what you want for yourself?

Don’t let others set the bar for you. Happy journaling-- you got this!


P.S. Still figuring out what you want for yourself? Start here.

95 Self-Care Ideas from A to Z

We all have a lot of work to do to create a more loving and just world, but you can’t take care of others unless you’re taking care of yourself. We’ve collected some of our favorite things that cheer us up when we’re feeling… bleh.

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Hooray! Our 2019 Gift Guide is Here!

If you know someone who’s into fun products that help increase productivity, self-care, and living your best life (it counts if that person is you), now’s a great time to snag some of the things you might’ve had your eye on!
The best gifts for the holidays (or for yourself, just because)
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