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Journal prompt: Are your goals your own?

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New Year's journal prompts are usually about identifying what you want. But what if we flipped that around for a sec?

What if you took a half hour to write about the goals your parents, friends, or partner have for you?

Who do they think you are?

Maybe your parents always wanted you to become a doctor.

...Or take over the family business.

...Or still see you as the baby, since you’re the youngest of your siblings.

Maybe your friends have labeled you as the homebody.

...Or your partner has determined that you’re not good with money.

What you find may have nothing or everything to do with your own goals, how you see yourself, or the person you want to become.

The goal here is to become aware of the expectations and limiting beliefs that other people have of you, so that you can recognize them and realize that you don’t have to accept them as your own.

Depending on your relationships, you might consider bringing these up in conversation. You could try something like:

“I’m making an effort to get my finances in order. It would mean a lot to me if you stopped saying I’m bad with money.”

But the first step is getting these ideas down on paper.

Where do you see a disconnect from what other people want for you versus what you want for yourself?

Don’t let others set the bar for you. Happy journaling-- you got this!


P.S. Still figuring out what you want for yourself? Start here.

95 Self-Care Ideas from A to Z

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Hooray! Our 2019 Gift Guide is Here!

If you know someone who’s into fun products that help increase productivity, self-care, and living your best life (it counts if that person is you), now’s a great time to snag some of the things you might’ve had your eye on!
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New self-care stickers

We just released 7 new self-care stickers for you to snazz up your laptop, water bottles, and notebooks! One can never have too many reminders to CTFO, in my opinion. See them all here!

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Cleveland Metroparks Mini-Guide and Map!

We're a proud Cleveland-based company, but we've never released any Cleveland-specific products. Until now!

We're super-fans of the Cleveland Metroparks and wanted to create a little nudge for ourselves to explore all 18 Metroparks.

Maybe you fall into the same trap we do-- always visiting the same park that's down the street instead of exploring a new park across town.

In our mini-guide, we provide an introduction and suggested beginner’s trail for each park. We also include space to jot down notes from your visit and the date you checked the park off of your list.

The map provides an overview of the 18 Metroparks with a checklist at the bottom to keep track of your progress.

Both were illustrated by Katie Daugherty. The mini-guide was written by Diane Stresing.

Mid-Year Journal Prompts

July marks halfway through the year-- and the perfect time for some reflection on your year so far.

Try to take a half hour this week to journal about the following questions. (Really! Open up your calendar right now and schedule when you'll do this!)

  • What’s been your favorite day so far this year? How can you create more of those days?
  • What big goals did you set this year? How has your progress been?
  • What might you need to change to reach your goals by the end of the year? What’s the very first step you need to take?
  • Check in with the following areas of your life: mental health, financial health, spiritual health, relationships with friends, relationships with family, romantic relationships, relationship with nature, creativity and play, organization, work, sleep.
  • What are the top three areas from the list above that might need some extra love for the rest of the year? What might that extra love look like?
  • Imagine that it’s December 31, 2019. Summarize what has happened this year. How did you do it? How do you feel? 

Hope the rest of your year is great!

Free Period Press x Eccolo Collab

I’m so excited to announce a new line of products that we've launched in partnership with stationery pros Eccolo. 

We’ve been working with these fine folks for the past year and they are finally ready for you! There are...

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How to Collaborate With Friends On Creative Projects without Making Things Weird

We were so honored to make this mini-zine for Good Company Magazine's second issue.

It’s called How to Collaborate with Friends on Creative Projects without Making Things Weird. It includes a story about the beginning of Free Period Press, lots of tips, and even a helpful little worksheet! The issue’s theme is Fear(less) and features so many incredible stories. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think! 

You can read the full mini-zine on Design*Sponge or buy a physical copy on Amazon.


Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Need some gift ideas? Here’s our take on who might enjoy our stuff. As always, get free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Woop!

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Hope that helps! Wishing you the coziest, loveliest, and self-care-iest holiday season ever. You can do it!


How to Unplug from Technology and Keep Social Media at Bay


Here’s the disturbing truth about our technology-fueled life: our devices, social media sites, and games are literally engineered to be addicting. Facebook, CNN, and Pinterest all get more money the more time we spend on their sites (via ad revenue and sponsorships).

It takes serious effort to pull yourself away from the screen and disconnect, but we’re reminded over and over again that it’s sooo worth it. After all, how many of your favorite moments from the past year were spent staring at a screen?

March 3-4 is National Day of Unplugging (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday). We will be participating and are seriously looking forward to the clean break from tech.

There are lots of ways to keep technology at bay without unplugging cold turkey, too. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Turn off phone notifications of all apps. Without having your phone buzzing all day, you will be less inclined to look at it.

  • Take a close look at the folks you follow on social media. Ask yourself, “Are they adding value to my day-to-day? Would I even notice if they stopped posting?” Unfollow often and don’t forget-- we often compare our behind the scenes to everybody’s highlight reel.

  • Sign out of social media apps and sites when you’re done checking them. Adding that little bit of effort every time you visit a website will help you pause and think, “Is this what I really want to be doing?”

  • Delete apps from your phone. Check the ones you use often on your laptop only.

  • Keep your phone in a different room. If you’re reading in your living room, keep your phone in your bedroom so you’re not tempted to pick it up.

  • Block distracting websites on your web browser. There is no shame in that, even if it’s just for an hour or two.

  • Turn your computer and phone off when you’re not using them.

  • Keep your phone on airplane mode (Fun Fact: Putting your phone in airplane mode helps conserve battery and makes it charge faster when it’s plugged in).

  • Make a list of what you’d rather be doing instead. Being excited about going for a hike and spending quality times with you friends will make you less vulnerable to spiraling into a social media black hole.

  • Use your Habit Calendar to track your technology use-- try creating a habit like “Check Facebook only 1 time/day”

Happy unplugging!


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